Silk Travel Sheet

Silk Travel Sheet


The Janistar silk travel sheet – extremely soft on the skin, helps you relax and promotes sleep. 

The silk travel sheet also helps protect you from stinging insects and mites. 

The silk travel sheet is light and handy to take with you wherever you go – use it on your camping trip,

at your hotel, at the airport, on a train, boat, at the cottage or when overnighting at a friend’s.

The bag weighs only 140g! Prolong the life of your travel sheet by keeping it clean.

The sleeping bag, woven from Ripstop silk with exceptionally good durability and tearproof properties,

is breathable, strong and will retain its color.

Silk is pleasantly warm on the skin when the weather is cold, and cool when the weather is warm.

When used inside a sleeping bag, the travel sheet generates an extra 5° C in cold conditions.



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The Janistar silk luxury travel sheet – Colors: Gray, Pale Gray, Blue, Black, Rose. Weight only 140g

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