Janistarsilk  is a Finnish company. Oursilk beddingrange, curtains and other products are manufactured using the highest-quality natural materials.

Silk bed linen has been proven to improve the quality of sleep. Sheets made of Mulberry silk, which is the highest quality silk one can buy,

are beneficial for people with sensitive skin and allergy problems. Silk has been valued for its benefits for the skin and hair due to its high protein content. 

Naturally cool in summer, warm in winter, silk helps regulate the body temperature.

Once you have slept in ultra-comfortable silk bed linen, wonderfully soft and smooth to the touch, you will be hooked!

Our range of bed linen includes silk pillowcases, silk duvet covers, flat silk sheets, fitted silk sheets, silk duvets and silk pillows.

Silk has always been regarded as a most luxurious product,representing the ultimate comfort one can experience in daily life.

Our high-quality interior design products also include Indian Dupion silk curtains, Organza silk curtains, Thai silk curtains, Taffeta silk curtains,

Chinese Dupion silk curtains, Silk blinds, Thai silk cushions, Indian Dupion silk bedspreads, silk throws, silk/cotton throws and bamboo throws.

We have produced a collection of stunning silk clothes that are great gift ideas for the special people in your life.

Buy with confidence, as all products in our webshop are delivered free of charge in Finland and to Sweden!


Charcoal_Textured_Dupion_silkkiverho200x300 Organza_silkkiverho_200x300 silkkisisustustyynyt.JPG

Indian Dupion silk curtains 

Organza silk curtains

Thai silk cushions


silkki_vuodevaatesarja_classic_stripe_240x210.JPG silkkilakanat_silver_gray_240x210.JPG
Silk bed linen sets Silk duvet covers


silkkialuslakanat_ivory.JPG silkkityynyliinat.JPG
Silk sheets Silk pillowcases


Cashmere_Textured_Dupion_Silk_Bedspread_340 silkkipeitot.jpg
Silk bedspreads Silk duvets
Janistar-_silkkikaulaliinat340x225   Thai-silkkipatalaput_ja_uunikintaat_340
Thai silk scarves


Thai silk oven mitts & pot holders


Glamorous_Short_Ivory_Silk_Dressing_Gown200x330 Silkkitorkkupeitto_luonnanvalkoinen200x330 Janistar-_matkalakanat,_Janistar_silk_travel_sheets200x330

Silk dressing gowns

Silk throws

Silk travel sheets


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